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DOL: Recovery Monies for 2019 show 162% Increase

The Department of Labor's just released recovery monies for 2019 showed a 162% increase from 2018 ($2.6 v $2.1 billion), and a 236% increase from 2017 ($2.6 v $1.1 billion). Why, and what does this mean for you? We’ve had discussions with our D.O.L. sources and couldn’t get anything on record, but safe to

2020-12-01T14:32:04-08:00July 21st, 2020|News|0 Comments

Are You Making These Prohibited Transactions Under ERISA?

Understanding how to avoid “Prohibited Transactions” under ERISA can save your organization from DOL violations, fines & penalties for being out of compliance. Dear Employer, One of the biggest mistakes we see Fiduciaries make is engaging in “Prohibited Transactions” under ERISA. Setting up a Master Health Plan or Qualified Retirement Plan for your business is

2020-12-01T14:44:21-08:00July 10th, 2020|News|0 Comments
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