Why The EBSA Is Auditing More Plans This Year For ERISA Compliance Errors

Between 2017-2020 there’s been an upward trend of EBSA enforcement actions against Employee Benefit and Retirement Plans. Here’s why you could be a target for their next investigation or audit... Dear Employer, Did you know that over the last 4 years the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) has been rigorously investigating PEO’s, Trade Associations, Taft-Hartley

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How To Select An Independent Fiduciary For Your ERISA Covered Employee Benefit or Retirement Plan

There are exactly 3 criteria you should look for when hiring an Independent Fiduciary to administer, operate or offer advice to your ERISA-covered plan. Dear Employer, Are you thinking about hiring an Independent Fiduciary to assist you in one or more areas of your organization’s Health & Welfare or Retirement Plan? As with accountants and

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Prohibited Transactions Exemptions Under ERISA

ERISA and the DOL provide a number of Prohibited Transactions Exemptions so you can operate your plan successfully, while staying in compliance with the law. Dear Employer, Our last newsletter focused on the all important topic of Prohibited Transactions under ERISA. At first glance, these prohibited transactions rules can seem overwhelming; and leave you wondering

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DOL: Recovery Monies for 2019 show 162% Increase

The Department of Labor's just released recovery monies for 2019 showed a 162% increase from 2018 ($2.6 v $2.1 billion), and a 236% increase from 2017 ($2.6 v $1.1 billion). Why, and what does this mean for you? We’ve had discussions with our D.O.L. sources and couldn’t get anything on record, but safe to

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Are You Making These Prohibited Transactions Under ERISA?

Understanding how to avoid “Prohibited Transactions” under ERISA can save your organization from DOL violations, fines & penalties for being out of compliance. Dear Employer, One of the biggest mistakes we see Fiduciaries make is engaging in “Prohibited Transactions” under ERISA. Setting up a Master Health Plan or Qualified Retirement Plan for your business is

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Why Your Form 5500 Could Get You Audited

Form 5500 “audit triggers” are easily avoidable. But, if left unchecked, will land you in the crosshairs of the DOL’s investigative team. Dear Employer, Most organizations that get audited by the DOL’s Employee Benefits Security Administration, or EBSA for short, never saw it coming. Especially back in the 70’s when ERISA plans first came under

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DOL Sues: $7,000,000 in Unpaid Claims

DOL/EBSA has filed suit against the fiduciaries of a health plan. The lawsuit states that breaches of fiduciary liability and the improper use of funds has caused the company's health Plan to be unable to pay $7,000,000 in claims. The EBSA has been active in opening new investigations along with filing suit and going

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