Hire And Retain First Rate Executives With An Attractive Plan

Recruiting top talent to your company is a competitive process. The best employees in the industry are constantly receiving job offers from top firms – promising them the world for their knowledge, dedication, and leadership skills.

If you want to stand out when seeking high-performing executives to join your team, then you need to show up prepared with a strong ERISA compliant Executive Compensation Plan to get them to say “YES!” ERISA Advisory Group offers a multitude of ERISA covered plans to attract high-performing executives.

Two Steps To Creating The Perfect Executive Compensation Package

Executives want 2 things when looking at competing benefits and retirement packages:

  1. An Executive Compensation Plan designed to provide them with the highest possible earnings upon retirement.
  2. A Plan that is tailored to give them the best way to shelter income so they don’t have to surrender more of their earnings to the IRS.

If you can provide a competitive plan that offers these desirable qualities, you will have a strong advantage when it comes to recruiting, retaining and rewarding top-tier executives for being a part of your leadership team.

ERISA Compliant Executive Compensation Plan

Your business has unique objectives and requirements. At the ERISA Advisory Group, we are dedicated to helping you design an Executive Compensation package that is cost-efficient, yet highly rewarding for your most valuable employees.

We will help you develop and implement a practical solution that meets your company’s goals while staying ERISA compliant.

Here’s a brief list of the areas we specialize in:

  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Arrangements
  • Top Hat Plan Filings
  • IRS Code Section 409A Compliance

ERISA Covered Plans from ERISA Advisory Group

The ERISA Advisory Group provides an array of ERISA compliant fiduciary services.  The ERISA Advisory Group also offers a range of ERISA Covered Plans including:

Stand Out With An Executive Compensation Plan That’s Tax-Friendly And Wealth Building

At the ERISA Advisory Group, our team of ERISA Consultants has been helping businesses develop Executive Compensation packages that are both tax-friendly and wealth-building since 1995.

Now, we’re ready to help you build an irresistible offer to recruit and retain your next superstar employees.

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