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Employee benefit plans are governed by strict and complex ERISA rules and DOL regulations. The ERISA Advisory Group provides the best and most comprehensive services to ensure you are fully compliant and have a strong, agile strategy for your employee benefit plans. We work with plan sponsors, benefits consultants, insurance brokers, third party administrators, investment advisors, trustees, accountants, and many other groups working in the employee benefits space.


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The ERISA Advisory Group provides consulting and Independent Fiduciary services for ERISA covered plans including Qualified Retirement Plans and Health and Welfare plans. The Managing Member of The ERISA Advisory Group, William J. Kropkof, is a recognized expert in the field of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Trade Associations as it relates to the operations of their ERISA covered plans. The philosophy and goal of The ERISA Advisory Group is to provide our clients with the confidence and assurance that the advice and guidance we provide will be appropriate and accurate for the specific situation we have been engaged to solve or resolve. As the qualified retirement plan and health and welfare plan space becomes more and more complex and the government bodies continually change the rules and regulations, it is important that Plan Sponsors keep their plans in compliance to avoid any negative consequence to the participants and their beneficiaries and risk to the Firm.

The ERISA Advisory Group has clients located throughout the United States. The two Principals of the Firm have over 55 years experience working with ERISA covered plans.

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Professional Employer Associations are unique and have many moving parts. We have been contributing members of NAPEO since 2009 and working with PEO’s since 2005.

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Trade Associations

We have been working with Associations since 2003. Associations have different requirements as it relates to their Health and Welfare Plans.

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Single Employer Plans

We work with all types of single employer plans including for profit and not for profit entities. We provide in-depth strategic consulting and Independent Fiduciary services for all ERISA covered Plans.

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Taft Hartley

In 2014 we began working with Taft-Hartley Plans. We have worked with some of the largest union plans in several states. The Joint Board of Trustees creates an environment where competing employers from the same industry come face to face.

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Stay in the know about the rapidly changing regulatory landscape. New rules and regulations are being published all the time, and it is important to provide our clients with the best and most up to date news updates and more.

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