Fiduciary Services

We routinely advise corporate, multiemployer, tax-exempt, and public plan sponsors and fiduciaries on ERISA fiduciary and prohibited transactions issues, as well as relevant state and local laws as applicable to public plans. Our advice covers fiduciary governance. This includes the following:

  • Proper structuring of committees, policies, and delegations
  • Payment of plan expenses
  • Plan governance
  • Audits and investigations by the US Department of Labor (DOL)
  • Prohibited transaction exemptions
  • Fiduciary insurance policies

For example, in our work involving prohibited transaction exemptions, we help plans and plan sponsors obtain prohibited transaction exemptive relief and error corrections from the DOL and similar guidance from applicable state governing entities.

We also advise plan fiduciaries on ERISA and state law relating to claims administration, service provider retention, minority- and women-owned business requirements reporting, and disclosures. We frequently conduct fiduciary training for boards, committees, and employee benefits personnel.

Our team also counsels clients on fiduciary matters arising in the context of investments. This includes counseling on:

  • The provision of investment advice and participant education
  • Employer stock in 401(k) plans
  • Securities lending arrangements Please remove these items in yellow
  • Commission recapture programs
  • Soft-dollar brokerage arrangements
  • 401(k) fee review
  • Other service provider arrangements

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