About ERISA Advisory Group

In 1995, William Kropkof started the ERISA Advisory Group to help business owners and employer organizations build ERISA covered plans including Employee Benefit & Qualified Retirement Plans that are goal-oriented and ERISA compliant.

Before he began his career as an Independent Fiduciary, William worked as an Investigator for the US Department of Labor for 7 years out of the Los Angeles office. 

Back then, the agency responsible for enforcement of Title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) was called the Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration. Now, you might be more familiar with its new name, the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA).

William was assigned to investigate private employers that offered Health & Welfare Plans and Qualified Retirement Plans to their employees who were suspected of being out of compliance with ERISA. 

ERISA Compliance

After auditing dozens of organizations, issuing hundreds of thousands of dollars in civil penalties, and recommending fiduciaries for criminal charges – he decided it was time to enter the private sector and help businesses stay ERISA compliant rather than get them in trouble.

Now, the ERISA Advisory Group helps organizations in a variety of industries, including PEOs, Trade Associations, and Taft-Hartley Unions build strategic ERISA Covered Plans that are compliant with the law.

Armed with decades of experience, and the knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes at the DOL, our group is equipped to build any type of Health and Welfare Plan or ERISA Covered Retirement Plan while protecting its fiduciaries.

ERISA Compliance Services

The ERISA Advisory Group leverages over 25 years of ERISA Compliance experience to provide an array of ERISA compliance fiduciary services.  ERISA compliance services include:

ERISA Covered Plans

Once you have signed the  5500 annual form, then you are considered the 3(16) Plan Administrator. A 3(16) Plan Administrator is an administrative fiduciary on an ERISA Covered Plan as defined by ERISA section 3(16). ERISA Covered Plans offered by the ERISA Advisory Group include:

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If you are seeking help from an expert Independent Fiduciary that specializes in ERISA compliance and Plan Development – contact ERISA Advisory Group today and  leverage our more than 25 years of critical ERISA compliance experience. Our expert ERISA Independent Fiduciaries will craft the ERISA covered plan that works best for your business given your unique business needs as a result of your industry, amount of employees, and your budget.