Professional Employer Organizations are unique and have many moving parts. In fact, there’s a great saying in the PEO industry:

“Once you have seen one PEO… you have seen one PEO.”

This is especially true when it comes to monitoring compliance with ERISA and other laws related to operating a PEO Health & Welfare or Qualified Retirement Plan.

In recent years, we’ve seen PEOs come under more scrutiny from government bodies because their plans cover such massive numbers of participants.

In 2023 alone, the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) recovered more $1.4 billion dollars from enforcement actions against employers who were out of compliance. Additionally, the Department of Labor closed 196 criminal cases and indicted 60 people for crimes related to Employee Benefits Plans.

At the ERISA Advisory Group, we work to ensure this never happens to you.

We’ve been working with PEOs and other employer organizations to navigate the endless legislation and regulations that govern Employee Benefit & Retirement Plans since 2005. And, we’re also proud to be contributing members of NAPEO since 2009.

Our mission is to help our clients be proactive instead of reactive, so you are prepared to face any compliance challenges that may come your way.

PEO Consulting & Fiduciary Services

If you run a PEO and are considering working with an ERISA Independent Fiduciary to help you stay ERISA compliant, we offer several services that may be a good fit for you: