Do you need an ERISA Expert to assist you in a lawsuit?

If your legal team is handling lawsuits dealing with ERISA Health & Welfare Plans or ERISA Covered Retirement Plans, then you want to work with the most experienced experts in ERISA compliance.

At the ERISA Advisory Group, we pride ourselves on our decades of experience that has helped us produce more than $38.7 million dollars in savings to Plans Sponsors, and recoveries for Participants & Beneficiaries.

Meet William Kropkof, Former DOL Investigator & ERISA Independent Fiduciary For Over 25 Years

Our President, William Kropkof, was an Investigator for the Department of Labor for 7 years before he began his career as an ERISA Independent Fiduciary in 1995.

Not only has he seen the inner workings of how the DOL conducts audits of ERISA plans, but he has helped employers save $18.5 million dollars in potential fines & penalties and produced over $20.2 million dollars in recoveries for Plan Participants & Beneficiaries.

Since 1995, William has also served as an Expert Witness in several federal court cases, participating in dozens of depositions and taking the stand when needed.

Now, he regularly receives requests to provide expert testimony from some of the largest Law Firms in the United States.

ERISA Compliance Services

William Kropkof and the ERISA Advisory Group offers a multitude of ERISA Compliance Services to ensure you avoid governmental penalties. William has over 25 years of experience providing comprehensive ERISA compliance services including:

Hire William Kropkof, CEBS, As Your ERISA Expert Witness

When you hire William Kropkof as your ERISA Expert, he will immediately get to work and help you with:

  • Identifying potential compliance issues, and, 
  • Developing strategies for how they can be defended or pursued

If you are interested in our Expert Witness services, then contact ERISA Advisory Group to book a strategy session with us to see if it’s a good fit.

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