EBSA 2023 Monetary Results

EBSA Restores over $1.4 Billion to Employee Benefit Plans, Participants & Beneficiaries in 2023. The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) is the federal agency within the US Department of Labor tasked with enforcing the rules and regulations set forth by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). In FY 2023, the

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The Anatomy of a Successful ESOP Deal

The Anatomy of a Successful ESOP Deal Not all ESOP transactions are created equally. Join our panel of four leading ESOP advisors and learn about the team, process, and steps necessary to improve deal outcomes and increase the likelihood of a successful transaction. In this one hour session, we'll discuss:

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Insights on Critical SCOTUS Ruling

We recently came across two articles about a critical issue for ERISA fiduciaries. The recent ruling by SCOTUS is a game-changer for 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans. We consider both of these articles “must reads”! The links are below. To keep up with important national ERISA news follow us on

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How To Choose Service Providers For Your Plan

ERISA Insider Vol II., Ed. XI: How To Choose Service Providers For Your ERISA Plan Remember these rules, procedures and potential pitfalls when selecting service providers for your plan. Dear Employer, As a plan fiduciary, one of your top priorities is selecting the right service providers for your organization’s health or retirement plan.

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What is a Fiduciary Under ERISA?

ERISA Insider Vol II., Ed. IX: What is a Fiduciary Under ERISA? Understanding who is a fiduciary is the first step to keeping your plan ERISA compliant. Dear Employer, The term ‘fiduciary’ has different meanings in different business contexts. When it comes to ERISA Health & Welfare or Qualified Retirement Plans, knowing who

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EBSA: United Behavioral Health To Pay $15.6 Million

ERISA Insider Vol II., Ed VIII: United Behavioral Health To Pay $15.6 Million After Investigations Find Violations Of The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) Following federal and state investigations by the DOL and NY Attorney General, UBH is set to reimburse plan participants $13.6 million, pay $2 million in penalties

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What Is ERISA?

ERISA Insider Vol II., Ed. VII: Why We Have ERISA What is ERISA and why is it important for operating modern Health & Retirement Plans? Dear Fiduciary, In this edition of ERISA Insider, we want to take a step back and focus on the fundamentals. If your company operates an employee Health &

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